About Us

About Us

John MathiasThe Hidden Garden was setup back in 2003 as an enterprise that would fulfill my lifelong interests in design and nature.

Having undertaken my general horticulture examination with the Royal horticultural society (RHS) I began study at the internationally acclaimed Christopher Pickard School of Garden Design.

I wanted to create gardens that were a bit different, maybe even unusual that would capture the imagination and make people want to stay and spend time in the place I have created.

In the last 10 years we have created gardens for private clients as well as for schools, nurseries, churches and hospices. Our gardens are made to be enjoyed whether to relax and entertain, or to inform and educate they are often gardens that create spritus loci the ‘Spirit of the place’ a place of quiet contemplation and reflection.

I firmly believe in nature having its rightful place and as such our gardens are created where possible used reclaimed or recycled materials and with sustainability in mind creating gardens that are natural and wildlife friendly.